Thursday, December 2, 2010

Leaving Santiago with Sammy

After spending five days in Santiago, we are on our way. The motorbike arrived yesterday morning.  The customs process went extremely smooth, considering there was a strike and no one was working! The door was locked so we sat outside with our gear and waited. No more than 5 minutes went by and a customs official addressed us and within half an hour we had our temporary importation!! We had to pay the freight company $60 usd and the Cargo company $80 cad to get Sammy.

The biggest problem was that Grif forgot the key for the disk lock, so I had to do a 2 hour round trip on the bus and walking! I don't know much spanish, so I had some hurdles!

We celebrated last night with pizza and beer at the local bar!

We are heading south to Talca this afternoon, hopefully! We are still packing and repacking...

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