Friday, December 31, 2010

Feliz Ano Neuvo!

Happy New Year everyone!!

We left Antofagasta this morning, and only had a 320 km drive to San Pedro de Atacama. Enroute, we passed Calama, and we could see the largest open copper mine in the world, Chuquicamata.

Again we saw many enormous dust devils (sand devils) hundreds of metres high, from many  kilometeres away. One formed right beside us as we were riding. It was really neat, a mini tornado!
Atacama with sand devil

The landscape surrounding San Pedro is really amazing. There are many different colors of stone, such as purples, oranges, green, brown and black. There are also salt flats, geysers, volcanoes and canyons nearby.

Landscape surrounding San Pedro de Atacama 

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