Friday, November 26, 2010

Heading South....again

We are currently on our way to Santiago, Chile, starting a long 20+ hours of flying and loitering in airports from Edmonton to Toronto, with a 7 hour lay over, we now wait until our flight South.

The bike was crated and dropped off at Edmonton airport last week and should currently be on its way to Miami, where it will be flown to Santiago on Monday. Miami is a bad transit place for 'dangerous goods', they tend to get bumped back as they have a lower priority, so we are expecting some delays before the bike arrives in Chile, but it will give us time to relax and enjoy the city and some warmth. Last week with the windchill it was down to -46 degrees Celsius around Edmonton - the 3rd coldest place on Earth!!!

The bike crating went quite smoothly, we used a crate from a Yamaha cruiser and with the front wheel, mirror, screen and front mudguard removed it fitted in well, with some room at the rear for the wheel and the panniers. Big thanks to Barry at Alberta Cycle in Edmonton for helping us out with the crating - its much easier with a fork lift!!!

We have used Carsons , based in Vancouver for shipping the bike, I wouldnt say that the shipping paperwork went smoothly, but its done, with a few hiccups and we shall see if they come through with the ETA or if we are going to be staying in Sanitago for longer than we expected.....

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  1. Glad to see you will be back on the road shortly. Hope we get to cross paths.