Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Plan....

So the plan is for Grif to ride solo from Canada, through the US and Central America to Panama, where I will either put the bike on a plane to Bogota or a boat to Cartagena, Colombia, there I will make my way down to see Russ a top bloke who I know from Dragoman Overland - we worked in Central America and Mexico for 6 months together.

Lisa will fly in mid November and we will have 3 months to see as much as we can - Lisa and I are keen divers and would love to head to Galapagos for a few days - however, this is quite an expensive side trip, so we are staying flexible with the possibility of booking something last minute if things look good.

Other than that, we are going to play this trip by ear and not try to set things in stone - my previous travels have shown me that setting tight deadlines through the whole trip - especially through Latin America, where 'MaƱana' rules can make things difficult.

The only deadlines we have are when Lisa arrives in Colombia mid November and leaves from somewhere in South America to head back to Canada at the beginning of March.

Riding the bike back into Canada is not possible in March - the roads around here generally have an inch of sheet ice over them, so we are also being flexible on possibly leaving the bike in South America somewhere for the next trip - or flying it to Edmonton and trailering it back home


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  1. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the link. Bike is looking awesome. Best of luck and travel safe. Hope to see you guys on the road as Ang. is dying to meet the both of you.
    Ride safe