Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stationary Due to High Winds

Today we decided to stay put as there are winds reaching 60 km/h. Yesterday we were able to do over 400 km, some of the time the wind was at our backs. With the road having curves and bends, this always wasn't the case and near the end of the riding day, we had the strongest gusts. We were blown all over the road a couple of times, luckily there was no other traffic.

On the way to Sarmiento, we saw pink flamingos in some of the roadside ponds... and dead animal carcasses on fence posts. We also were lucky to see some Guanaco. These are Argentinian llama type animals.

Sarmiento is a small town, with a huge emerald green lake nearby. There is only one hotel that had parking so we settled in. There were a couple of pedal bikes also at the hotel, with lots of stickers from different countries all over them. We met Phil and Liz from London, England whom are touring around the Americas. They've been on the road about 10 months. They also, found it too windy to ride. We went out for dinner with them and had vegetable ravioli and a potato tart... and of course cervesas!

Today was a catch up day. Sleeping in, doing jobs on the bike, giving Grif a haircut and doing laundry... in the shower because the sink leaks, and an afternoon nap(for Lisa!). Do I have to wait until 5 pm to drink some vino tinto? NO!

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