Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sammy the Suzuki Took a Beating

Day 1 and no more. The trip quickly came to end when the phone rang at home and call display showed 'RCMP'. My heart sank.

I was extremely happy to hear Grif's voice on the other end, but remained calm. Wind gusts while riding at 110 km and he went down hard. Sammy cartwheeled. The bike was a mess and Grif's gear (helmet, jacket, gloves and pants) got ripped to shreds. We managed to get the bike home with my Dad's help and took Grif to the hospital to get checked out. Everything should heal.

Sammy is going to the Insurance Adjuster and we'll see if we can try again...


  1. Grif,
    Wish you a speedy recovery and I'm sure that we will see Lisa and yourself on the road shortly.
    Take care
    Daryll & Angela

  2. Thanks Angela and Daryll. Hopefully things will work out and we will be away... Unfortunately, the paperwork doesn't seem to be happening quick enough. On the hand, a bonus, Grif's healing fast!