Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Down but not out....

So here we are a week plus later....its easy to be embarrassed at only doing 461km from home before having a bad accident, (Maybe thats some sort of overlanding record ???) I hadnt even got out of Canada - by 20 km - but life is more important than that. Who do I have to thank after this ?

Firstly a huge thanks to Lisa for heading down and being there when it mattered that first night, I was in shock and badly beat up and knew it, Lisa helped me scrub out my wounds with Salt water (Ouchy!)  and get them dressed up properly - Thanks Babe - you are my better half and I Luv You Loads XXX

Stan, Lisa's Dad who dropped everything and came down to Southern Alberta on short notice to help out with a Sled trailer borrowed from  Brad and Beth (Lisa's Brother and Sister in Law)
an  0430 start and a very long day to help us out - words cant thank  you all enough....

I looked at my riding gear again tonight with my good friend Keith (Thanks for the chat Bro!) over a few Rum n Cokes and it makes me realise how close I was to breaking my legs/arms/back or much much worse, my riding gear was totally ripped to shreds - Id take 10 off road hits over that one asphalt crash at speed - its a killer, literally. Big thanks to Arai Helmets, Sidi Boots and Acerbis/BMW riding gear.

Sammy the Suzuki taking such a beating REALLY hurts, Id spent every moment of my spare time for the last 5 months or so, to prep it, thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours to make the bike perfect for our trip, but at the end of the day it is still just pieces of steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber - nothing more, its insured and we will go through that process.

 Has it put me off riding ? NO, my resolve to do a bike trip is as strong as ever - for me its not just a mode of transport, but a passion that will not be suppressed by a setback like this.

8 days later and I feel  I have had the worst ever game of Rugby Union, I dont bruise easily and yet Ive still got some pretty severe bruising and probably a few scars to come as well as banging up my right shoulder and aggrevating my already dodgy left knee, but walking away from an accident like this makes you appreciate every breath you are able to take.....

Live Your Dreams

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sammy the Suzuki Took a Beating

Day 1 and no more. The trip quickly came to end when the phone rang at home and call display showed 'RCMP'. My heart sank.

I was extremely happy to hear Grif's voice on the other end, but remained calm. Wind gusts while riding at 110 km and he went down hard. Sammy cartwheeled. The bike was a mess and Grif's gear (helmet, jacket, gloves and pants) got ripped to shreds. We managed to get the bike home with my Dad's help and took Grif to the hospital to get checked out. Everything should heal.

Sammy is going to the Insurance Adjuster and we'll see if we can try again...

Monday, October 18, 2010

D Day

D stands for departure! It was a teary goodbye, but I tried to hold it together. It was quite windy this morning, a very brisk wind. Grif was having second thoughts about clothing choices and departing with his Buffalo jacket! A few last minute things to do and Grif was on his way. Once he's out of Canada it'll be much warmer.

Grif is on his way!
I have lots to do to keep me busy, but I am already looking forward to skyping tonight!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hit the Road Jack.....

So the bike is all packed up and ready to go - apart from my toothbrush, heading out on Monday 18th October across the border to the USA. It's starting to get a little chilly in Canada, down to -5C or so overnight, but no ice around yet, so its time to split. It's Lisa's Birthday on Tuesday and I feel bad for not being around to celebrate, but I'm sure she will manage to have a drink or 2 or go to Monod's to buy herself something!!!
I'm aiming for Great Falls, Montana tomorrow but we will see how the first day goes and how long it takes for the aging body to get used to long days in the saddle - I'm guessing quite a while!!!
Cheers, Grif