Friday, December 31, 2010

Kitty Love

After getting the new tire fitted in the morning we headed north out of town. We saw valleys of sand and rock with mountains around every corner. There were a few big observatories (Astronomico La Silla) positioned on top of the hills, enroute to Bahia Ingles. When the sun heated up the land the wind picked up and this caused a lot of dust devils! There was only one oasis.

Haciendo Toledo enroute to Bahia Ingles
We arrived in Bahia Ingles and found a cabana. Bahia Ingles is a beach resort with white sand beaches. Little did we know, the cabana came with a lovely kitten! He was so affectionate and won our hearts immediately!

Scraggles on Lisa's lap
Beach at Bahia Ingles

In the morning we said goodbye to Scraggles the kitten and we were on our way. We made sure he had a full belly! He even tried to eat our breakfast before we had a chance. He was quite persistent, but cute! I moved a chair to prevent him from jumping on the table. So he decided to jump through the circular design on the back!! Unbelievable!

The weather was hot, 30C, once we left the sea and travelled inland. We stopped in Chanaral for some lunch and bought some donuts from a street vendor!

The were more rocky outcrops with sand dunes as far as the eye could see. No houses, no people, no animals, no bushes. There were a lot of mines along the way.

On the way into Antofagasta we stopped at Mano del Desierto (Hand of the Desert) for a quick photo. We arrived in Antofagasta and after searching for accomodation, we found a motel on the beach with the help of a lovely couple from Germany, Hardy and Christine. They were riding two up on a very nicely prepared and rare Moto Morino Granpasso 1200. They joined us and we had a supper of delivery pizza and beer!

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