Friday, December 10, 2010

Rain Beach Hail - All in One Day

It was a long day, we rode 566 km after being stuck in Sarmiento It was raining when we left. We said good bye to Liz and Phil... after they gave me kisses on my helmet.

We made our way to the Atlantic and the rain had eased off. It was still pretty cool at 9C with a strong wind, but we managed to have a nice lunch by the ocean on the beach and saw a pair of Commerson's Dolphins swimming  close to shore. We continued to head south and could see a huge storm getting closer and closer. There was horizontal hail and high winds, the worst Grif said he'd been in, ever! Good thing he told me that after we made it through!

In Puerto San Julian we found the Ocean Hotel, after I sent Grif to the wrong door... it was a Psychologist's office! Good thing HE can read Spanish, cuz I can't! (maybe we both should have gone in for a session!)
 We strolled down the street a couple of blocks to find the El Capon Restaurant. We had the most delicious Argentinian steak and chips (french fries) ever!!! Washed down with a litre of  cold beer. Definitely in my top three best meals! Absolutely wonderful.

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