Saturday, December 11, 2010

In Rio Gallegos

We rode 375 km today, but had a late start since we had to pick up our lunch and do some sightseeing in Puerto San Julian. Our daily routine has us pick up slice ham and fresh buns from the Supermarket or Panaderias.

It was windy all day. We didn't have the wind behind us... maybe for one minute only! A lot of leaning and sore necks! Its cold; I have 6 layers on including my heated jacket!! Its about 10C. We passed a lot of guanacos, pink flamingos and large birds, similar to emus or ostrich. There are no people around, just sheep and guanaco and few birds. There are scrub plants that cover the land and all the land is fenced. Pretty barren.

We stopped for lunch at a YPF (Gas station) and met some other riders. We got some good information about what routes to take. We would have hoped to make it farther today but the sky was looking dark and I didn't want to head into rain for another 300 km, so we called it a day, but first Pizza and Beer!

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