Monday, November 8, 2010

The Plan....Revised

So after 3 weeks, some healing and head scratching, looks like we have sorted out the new plan. The bike is  financially a write off by the insurance company, anyone who has had a bike accident knows that it doesn't take much damage to do this as labour to rebuild a bike is so expensive, but easily rebuildable by me, so new parts are on order, I've already straightened the panniers with a hydraulic jack and they are in Calgary having the holes welded this week by Dave at Fusion Welding - who luckily also rides a very nicely prepared DR650!!! The frame has been laser checked for alignment at Anderwerks and is OK to rebuild.

As Lisa's time off work is not flexible, I have to fix the bike up and get it inspected as soon as possible. We are renting out our place starting next week, we our getting kicked out of our home!!! So we are going to head up to Edmonton and stay with Stan and hopefully crate and fly the bike from Edmonton airport to South America, either Bogota, Santiago or Buenos Aires. Then carry on with the trip. This should not cost too much more than me riding and flying it as per the original plan.
I have also got to get some new riding gear pretty quickly, which might be fun this time of year, we will see what I can find.

This means that come March, we will either fly the bike back to Canada or I will ride it back North - which I prefer as I have missed out on riding it South, but we will see what the Boss says...


  1. Hi Lisa and Grif

    I know it´s a bit early, but if you come to Brazil, your are welcome.
    I live in Curitiba.
    Both Jay and Adam from your links have been here.
    You are welcome to my Facebook: reginaldo rohden

    Best wishes,
    Reginaldo Rohden (HUBB member).

  2. Hi Reginaldo, Thankyou for your kind offer, we are not sure if we will have time to visit Brazil on this trip, it's a big country !!! I will let you know if we do though.
    I know Daryll & Angela (One World to Explore) will be in Brazil next year on their DR650's -We are still hoping to meet up with them somewhere !!! Obrigado Lisa & Grif