Monday, January 31, 2011

Heading to the Galapagos

We spent our first night in the Centre of Guayaquil. We found a hotel with covered parking and within an hour, the heavens opened and it poured, well into the night. There was a lot of covered walkways, so we didn't get too wet when we wet out for dinner.

At 3:30 am, I was awakened. Grif was wide awake and very itchy! With all the rain Guayaquil has had, the mosquitos are very active. He had at least 10 bites within a few hours. The mosquitos were finding there way in via the space between the air conditioner and the concrete wall. After a sleepless night and lots of benadryl, we decided to find other accomodation, but before we left, Grif had a mission. To hunt down and kill the mossie that had bitten him. He succeeded! We packed up the bike, quickly, as the mosquitos were swarming in the shade of the covered parking, and we all know how much the mosquitos love English blood!

We booked in at Dreamkapture Hostel in the northern part of the city. Its well run, clean with comfy queen size beds, hot showers and has a lovely breakfast! They also have pets, including pygmy monkeys, parrots, parakeets, fish and turtles.

We went to a huge mall very close by and enjoyed a few hours in the air conditioning, shopping and loading up on sunscreen. We also managed to find Raid plug-in insect repellent for our room, just in case! We have sorted out parking for the next 10 days as we are heading to the Galapagos, yay! For the next couple of days, we will be getting ready for our boat trip as well as getting our laundry done.

Feb 2-9 in the Galapagos
Total distance travelled to date - 13, 999 kms
Total countries visited - 5
Days on the road - 64

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