Friday, September 24, 2010

Getting There.....

So Ive been putting some of the final modifications to the bike, including case armour to protect the engine from being damaged if I drop it on rocks and an Aussie made B&B Engineering bashplate which is a lot better than the Happy trails one we had on there - much better protection.

Still to put on are the Pro Taper bars and heated grips - when they arrive, change the front brake line for a steel braided one so the front brake has a bit more bite and better feel, to finish up the electrics with the Gerbings wiring for Lisas heated jacket and gloves, mount the power outlets on the bars and in the top box for charging things on the road, change out the chain set, pads, and oil change, mount the tool tube when it arrives in place of the small original one, possibly add a scottoiler...and a few other things to do Im sure, that should keep me out of the bar....


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